Famous phrases of Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Famous phrases of Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Henri-Frédéric Amiel He was a Swiss philosopher and writer who lived in the 19th century, specifically between the years 1821 to 1881. Henri-Frédéric Amiel He lived a childhood marked by tragedy: the death of his mother and, two years later, the suicide of his father, when he was 11 and 13 years old, respectively.

He had to be welcomed by some of his uncles, along with his two sisters and the five children of that marriage. The small Henri-Frédéric Amiel He was very intelligent, and well endowed for studies. His relatives sent him to Germany for study philosophy.

The works of this Swiss author range from pessimism and the idealism German. Without a doubt, his own life would influence his work.

Henri-Frédéric Amiel: Famous phrases

“Your body is a temple of nature and of the divine spirit. Keep it healthy; respect it; study it; grant him his rights. ”

"Heaven, hell and the whole world, is in us."

"Love is forgetfulness of self."

"We live while we renew."

“When my friend is unhappy, I go to meet him; when he is happy, I hope he finds me. ”

"The more you love the more you suffer."

“Nothing matters for the future when one is at peace with his conscience and has his spirit reconciled and in order. I know what you owe; the rest, only God concerns. "

"Women are understood as the language of birds, intuition or in any way."

“True marriage is a devotion, a cult, life that becomes religion.
The woman is the salvation or destruction of the family. He carries with him the fate of this in the folds of his mantle. "

"The duty is to be useful, do not love you, not as you can."

"How difficult it is to live, oh tired heart of mine!"

"When life stops presenting itself as a promise, that is why it still fails to set a task."

"Destiny has two ways to crush us: rejecting our wishes or fulfilling them."

"Life is a learning of progressive renunciation, of continuous limitation of our claims, of our hopes, of our strengths, of our freedom."

“Life is a fabric of customs. But it is not a mistake to invoke the custom as a defense of our behavior, because almost always the habit is supported by some good reason. "

"Poetry is always the distant thing."

“Art reveals nature by interpreting its intentions and formulating its desires. The great artist is the simplifier. "

"The unfinished is nothing."

"Look twice to see what's fair. Do not look more than once to see the beautiful. "

"Knowing how to age is the masterpiece of sanity and one of the most difficult parts of the great art of living."

"Thought without poetry, and life without infinity, landscape without heaven: We drowned."

"Tell me what you think you are and I will tell you what you are not."

"Life is nothing but a fabric of habits."

"Without passion, man is only a latent force that awaits a possibility, like flint the clash of iron, to throw sparks of light."

“What is a cultivated spirit? He is the one who can look at things from many points of view. ”

“It is dangerous to let go of the pleasure of tears; for him the mood is lost and even the will of the remedy. ”

"Duty is the voluntary need, the letter of nobility of man."

“I do not deny the rights of democracy; but I have no illusions about the use that will be made of those rights as long as there is a lack of wisdom and pride abounds. ”

"Every need calms down and every vice grows with satisfaction."

"Man rises by intelligence, but he is only man by heart."

"Destiny can follow two paths to cause our ruin: refuse us to fulfill our desires and fully fulfill them."

"A mistake is all the more dangerous the more truth it contains."

“A thousand things progress. Ninety ninety-nine recede. This is progress. ”

"The inconstancy made everything to lose, she does not let any seed germinate."

“Look twice to see the exact thing; look only once to see how beautiful. ”

“Let's not wait to be good and cordial. Let us hurry now to rejoice the hearts of our companions during the short journey of life. ”

"Peace in fact is not peace of principle."

"It costs a lot for freedom to return to the frank unity of instinct."

"The soul does not find in the crucible of experience but the gold that has poured into it."

“Do with ease what is difficult for others, there is the sign of talent; do what is impossible to talent, there is the sign of genius. "

"The ideal is a foretaste of the order by the spirit ... the indestructible hope of the best, an involuntary protest against the present, the ferment of the future, is the supernatural within ourselves or, better, the ultra-animal, reason and human perfectibility. ”

“The egalitarian era is the triumph of mediocrity. It is unpleasant, but inevitable, and constitutes a revenge of the past. Humanity, after being constituted on the basis of individual differences, is now organized on the basis of its similarities ... "